Tuesday, October 11, 2016



echo 'Three Meeting "Hacks"'
echo ""
echo 'I was lucky enough to participate in a meetings course recently and there were three main points I took away from the course'
echo ""
echo 'Main point 1: Every meeting needs an agenda'
echo 'Main point 2: Every meeting needs an outcome or decision'
echo 'Main point 3: Every meeting needs a parking lot'
echo ""
echo 'Every meeting needs an agenda so both the attendees and the meeting host know how the meeting should be progressing. In addition, it helps keeps everyone accountable for the initial time table set for the meeting.'
echo 'Every meeting needs an outcome or a decision to be made otherwise, why else would you have a meeting? This outcome or decision can be as simple as "Everyone is informed of a new product" or as complicated as "We will decide on the number of hours, pay rate, and quantity of interns for the next 7 years". This is also how anyone can determine the success or failure of a meeting.'
echo ""
echo 'Lastly, every meeting needs a parking lot. A parking lot is a separate place (paper, whiteboard, notebook, etc) for ideas that aren't directly relevant to the meeting but, shouldn't be forgotten. For example, if you are talking about the budget in a meeting and an idea for a company picnic comes up, put that idea in the parking lot. This keeps the meeting on topic and allows for everyone's ideas to be heard. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of this idea!'
echo ""
echo "Try using this tactic this week and let me know how it goes by commenting on this post, or sending me a tweet @anorblet"
echo ""
echo "Check out more posts at professionalhackerdigest.blogspot.com! Hack Responsibly, Hack Professionally"

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